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ADVANCED FEATURES - Optional Javascript Compression Options

Simple - to compress the code so it loads faster

The Minify JS compressor has optional advanced features to give you even further control over how you compress your Javascript. No need to worry beginners; leaving these advanced features set to default will still give you great compression; however for those that want extra control over their JS scripts you have the option to compress with 4 different methods: high ASCII, normal encoding, numeric encoding and even no encoding at all. You can also allow special characters, use the Javascript Packer or enable “fast decode” when you are debugging.

EASY - One Click Javascript Compressor

NO computer knowledge necessary whatsoever

A click of the mouse is all you need to potentially speed up your webpage load time by 80%! Most Javascript can be compressed to one third its original size. Our Javascript Compressor works with virtually all styles of JS Script and code writing habits. For 95% of users a simple copy and paste of their Javascript, followed by clicking the “compress” button is all they will need to give their website the single greatest potential boost in page load time - as compared to any other “speed up your website” technique. Yes it’s that easy to speed up your website even if you know nothing about compressing Javascript code or programming websites our JS Minifier makes compression easy!

GET A BOOST – Make You’re Website Load up to 80% Faster

Decrease webpage load time dramatically

Faster loading pages make your users happy and it saves you money on your monthly web hosting bill. Money savings aside we all know from our own web browsing experience that faster loading pages means you are likely to browse more of the website. But as Yahoo! will tell you, speeding up your website takes many steps and a somewhat significant knowledge of web programming, Firebug and Javascript. Luckily of all the speed boosting tips, Javascript Compression has the largest overall impact on performance. Compress your JS now and notice faster loading pages immediately!

COMPRESS ASSURED - Secure Javascript Compression

Compressed code is never saved

When we built this JS minification script, the security of your JS was a primary concern. and all of its Javascript Compressors are non-caching JS compression utilities. Meaning that any Javascript code you compress using this tool is NEVER cached or saved in any way to a database; nor is it stored in a remote location to be reused or redistributed else ware. You can rest assured when compressing even your most proprietary Javascript because this tool will never cache any Javascript that you submit to it.

ON-DEMAND COMPRESSION - Ultra Fast Compression & Script Processing

Guaranteed fastest Javascript Minifier

Bookmark this page and utilize its tools on-demand as required when it comes time to compress your Javascript. Not only is it a 100% free Javascript Compressor, but it’s hosted on Hosted Fusion’s multi-million dollar managed hosting infrastructure. What does this mean to you? Your scripts will always be compressed lightning fast by our cluster of 5 Quad Core Intel Xeon servers with 16GB of RAM each! 10,000 lines of code? No problem, we can minify your Javascript, obfuscate and pack that code in no time at all!

Usage Instructions:

  1. Copy and paste your Javascript code into the top box. Note NOTE: To get to the Javascript Compression tool, click the tab labeled Javascript Compressor Tool.
  2. (Optional) Click Advanced Options at the top right of that same box you just pasted your code into; doing this will expand the Advanced Options menu. Note NOTE: The advanced compression options are completely optional and their default settings will be sufficient 99% of the time. For those that choose to utilize the advanced code compression options, below is a section explanation of their functionality.
  3. Click the Compress Javascript button. That's it!

Advanced Options:

  • Compression Methods:
    • High ASCII - This produces slightly higher compression than normal. When you use High ASCII encoding the packed script should be served by your web server with an encoding of ISO-8859-1. If this confuses you then use the Normal Encoding setting.
    • Normal Encoding - This setting encodes as Base 62. Words are encoded into alphanumeric values. Other settings (excluding No Encoding) are available mostly for experimentation. This setting is recommended This setting is recommended.
    • Numeric Encoding - This setting encodes as Base 10. Words are encoded into a numeric values as opposed to an alphanumeric values performed by Normal Encoding.
    • No Encoding - Only basic compression is used. Although this method doesn't compress the code as much as other methods, is does result in the highest probability of error free packed Javascript code. White space and comments are removed completely, but special characters are encoded.
  • Packing/Compressing Speed: The option Fast Decode inserts a small (roughly 120 bytes) routine into the compressor/unpacker to speed up Javascript decoding. This setting is recommended This setting is recommended.
  • Special Characters: To help code compression you may flag your private and local variables. The compressor then encodes your variables. However, because there is no real uniform concept of private and local variables in Javascript, please follow best practices.

Compression Metrics:

  • Ratio: This is the total number of characters in the uncompressed Javascript subtracted by the total number of characters in the newly minified code; this result is then divided by the original number of characters in the uncompressed Javascript. The result is expressed as a percentage reduction in file size.
  • Time: This is the total time that the code minification took the server to process. The result is expressed as seconds.

Button Functionality:

  • Compress Javascript: Pressing this button will start the compression and packing of your Javascript code.
  • Reset Form: Pressing this button will clear both form boxes of code, thus allowing you to start over or compress other code.
    Note NOTE: This will erase all data contained in the form boxes and is not reverseable.
  • Decode: This button will do the opposite of the Compress Javascript button; it will decode the JS back into a structured format.

While we can't support everyone, we try our best to make sure everyone enjoys the benefits of minification. Visit this page for additional Javascript compression help.

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