Free Javascript Compressor and Free Obfuscation Tool

Simple - to compress the code so it loads faster

Minification is the practice of removing unnecessary characters from code to reduce its size, thus improving load times. When JS/CSS code is minified all comments are usually removed, as well as unneeded "white space" characters like space, new line, and tab.

With respect to JavaScript, this improves load time performance because the size of the file downloaded is often significantly reduced. Two popular tools for minifying JavaScript code are JSMin and YUI Compressor. Many tools also minify CSS, learn more at

We can minify, compress and obfuscate your Javascript

Expert or beginner - We have the tools for you

The Javascript compressor has advanced features to give expert programmers additional control over how you compress your Javascript. But don't worry beginners; leaving these advanced features set to default will still give you great compression, and it couldn't’t be simpler to use.

Copy and paste your Javascript code and with one click potentially speed up your website by 80%! Most Javascript can be compressed to one 1/3 its original size, if not more! Our Javascript Compressor works with all styles of Javascript and programming styles.

Faster loading pages make everyone happy, plus it saves you money on your monthly web hosting bill. Everyone knows from their own web browsing experience that faster loading pages means you are likely to view more of the website. So what's the easiest way to speed up your website? Javascript Compression has the largest overall impact on performance. Compress your Javascript and notice faster loading pages immediately!

Security conscious? Fear not, the security of your Javascript is a primary concern for us as well. and all of its Javascript Compressors are non-caching. Essentially, any Javascript code you compress using this tool is NEVER cached or saved in any way to a database. If you're really paranoid you can use our Free Javascript Obfuscation, which is regular non-compressed code that has been made difficult to understand via various types of encryption. In most cases programmers intentionally obfuscate code to obscure its functionality, functions and coding techniques. The seemingly obvious reason for this is protect the code from people who want to reverse engineer it; essentially assuring it cannot be copied/reused by other programmers.

Not only is our Javascript Compressor Free, but it’s hosted on Hosted Fusion’s multi-million dollar managed hosting infrastructure. What does this mean to you? Your scripts will always be compressed lightning fast by our 100's of enterprise servers on redundant OC-192 connections.

JS minification achieved a 21% size reduction

In a survey of ten top U.S. web sites, minification achieved a 21% size reduction. This can allow your website to load up to 80% faster! Save bandwidth and decrease load time. ¬ READ MORE


Firebug is hands down a web developers best friend. It will tell you everything from individual script loading times to providing an advanced DOM inspection interface. ¬ READ MORE


Yslow is a great tool to help you understand your website loading times; from how long it takes to load images and scripts, to POST and GET request times. ¬ READ MORE

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